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Mohammed Umoru
Business owner
( 11 loans taken in 1 year)

“ I use the money given by Fido to buy aluminium raw materials and produce silverware that I sell. I used to come from Cape Coast to Accra to take the loan, now the best thing Fido did is that I can take the loan from here. With the profit I got, I was able to open a shop in Kumasi. Fido is a good friend for my business and is fast and reliable. ”

Prince Kwabena
Taxi Driver
( 7 loans taken in 9 months)

“ Fido has changed my life. I invested in a business to buy sim cards managed by my wife, with the money I got from Fido I was able to buy more stocks and make more profit. Now I want to move my mobile table top business to a fixed container shop. Fido is good, the interest is low, better than other banks. I am not going to stop coming to Fido. ”

Emmanuel Agyenim Boateng
Business owner
( 8 loans taken in 1 year)

“ Fido has been a cushion for me. I do network marketing for food supplements and was able to increase my business profit and recruit more people. Fido has allowed me to turn things around. I can rely on Fido. ”

Darlington Kofi Kumebia
a taxi driver based in Accra, Ghana
( Fido's First Customer )

I’m happy to know that Fido still remembers me to the point of rewarding me during their 1 millionth customer celebration. I’m glad I took that step in 2014 to be their first customer. The loan was a great support to my business. I also did well to pay back on time which gave me chances to take more loans.

Christian Abu
an entrepreneur based in Sunyani, Ghana
(144 loans; Customer with the most loans as at 2021)

I'm grateful to be chosen as Fido's most valuable customer. With Fido, I've been able to access easy credit on numerous occasions to expand my trade in cosmetics.