Privacy Policy Statement


Privacy Policy Statement

We respect your privacy and theconfidentiality of your personal information and data. This Privacy PolicyStatement outlines what personal information and data we collect and how we useand protect it.


About Us

Fido Micro Credit (referred to as"Fido Micro Credit" or "Fido") is an online lending companyregulated by the Bank of Ghana. We provide lending products and servicesaccessible from our mobile application and website,


Agreement to Use of Personal Informationand Data

By using our mobile application andwebsite, you ("User") are consenting to our use of your personalinformation and data as described in this Privacy Policy Statement.


Information We Collect

We require personal information to operateand successfully provide our online lending products and services. The Userprovides us with personal information through our mobile application andwebsite which falls under the following categories: (a) personal informationprovided by the User such as registration information, billing and collectioninformation, and any information as a result of the User's communication andcommercial relationship with us, (b) personal and device information collectedautomatically through the use of our mobile application and website such asdevice information, log data, product usage data and information stored on thedevice such as installed applications, SMS logs, contact lists, primary emailaddress, third party account and device phone number information; and (c)personal information collected from third-party sources such as public databases (credit reference bureaus and identification registries), social networkaccounts with consent from the User, and third-party data providers. We takesteps to ensure that third parties are legally and contractually bound todisclose personal information to us.


How We Use the Personal Information andData

We use, collect, store, process and analyzethe personal information and data that we collect from the User for thefollowing purposes:

to improve ouronline lending products and services and your User experience;

for research anddevelopment;

for billing andcollection;

to contact youregarding your account or send you system alert messages;

to give youinformation about our other online products and services;

to providecustomer support;

to aid in creditanalysis;

to verify youridentity;

to meet legalrequirements or respond to lawful requests by authorities;

to prosecute anddefend our rights in a legal proceeding or enforce compliance with anyagreement with us;

to giveinformation to authorized third parties; and

for otherrelated purposes in connection with our online lending products and services.


Protecting Personal Information and Data

We take appropriate technical andorganizational measures to protect the personal information and data providedby our Users from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration,and destruction, taking into account the risks involved in the processing andthe nature of the personal information and data. Any personal information ordata transmitted through the mobile application is protected by secure socketlayer (SSL) encryption. Your personal information and data can only be accessedby authorized third parties that needs access to such information and data toperform specified services. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy Statement, youagree that we may, as necessary and appropriate, transfer and disclose any ofyour personal information and data to the following third parties (who may alsouse, collect, store, process, transfer and disclose your personal informationand data) for the purposes indicated herein and on a need-to-know basis:

Any of our associates or affiliates includingour directors, officers, employees and shareholders; our vendors, suppliers,contractors, agents, service and payment providers which help us in ourbusiness operations; persons acting in your behalf, payment recipients,beneficiaries, account nominees, intermediaries, correspondent and agent banks;any third party to whom we provide introductions or referrals; any party inconnection with any business transfer, sale, merger or acquisition of Fido;credit information bureaus; and law enforcement agencies, courts, governmentofficials or other third parties (i) when there is a formal request, subpoena,court order, or similar legal procedure, (ii) when we believe in good faiththat disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, prevent physical harm orfinancial loss, or (iii) when there is a suspected illegal activity, (iv) toenforce compliance with any agreement with us, or (v) for any legallypermissible purpose. We are constantly reviewing our information securitypractice to ensure that no one can gain unauthorized access to your personalinformation and data.

User's Data Protection Rights

You may access, correct, update or requestdeletion of your personal Information and data. We take reasonable steps toensure that the data we collect is reliable for our intended use, accurate,complete, and up to date. You may contact or visit our mainoffice location in person to access, correct, update, delete your personalinformation, or alter your data. We will consider your request in accordancewith applicable laws.

You can object to processing of yourpersonal information, ask us to restrict processing of your personalinformation, or request portability of your personal information.


Retention of Personal Information andData

We retain personal information and datawhere we have an ongoing legitimate business or legal need to do so. Ourretention periods will vary depending on the type of personal information ordata involved, but, generally, we will refer to these criteria in order todetermine retention period:

Whether we havea legal or contractual need to retain the personal information or data.

Whether thepersonal information or data is necessary to provide our services.

If we have noongoing legitimate business need to process your personal information or data,we will either delete or anonymize it or, if this is not possible (for example,because your personal information or data has been stored in backup archives),then we will securely store your personal information or data and isolate itfrom any further processing until deletion is possible.


Changes to Privacy Statement

We may change this Privacy Policy Statementat any time and from time to time. All updates and amendments are effectiveimmediately upon notice, which we may give by any means, including, but notlimited to, by posting a revised version of this Privacy Policy Statement orother notice on the website. We encourage you to review this Privacy PolicyStatement often to stay informed of changes that may affect you. Ourelectronically or otherwise properly stored copies of this Privacy PolicyStatement are each deemed to be the true, complete, valid, authentic, andenforceable copy of the version of this Privacy Policy Statement that was ineffect on each respective date you visited the website. Your continued use ofour online lending products and/or services constitutes consent of the modifiedPrivacy Policy Statement.

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